Social Video Pro

Make a Plan

Your choices are what drive your channel. You need a clear vision for who you are and who you want to be online. Otherwise, your content will not connect with a specific audience, which is what drives growth. Throughout this program, you will be asked to think about branding, goals, production values, and other aspects of your emerging video channel. You will make journal notes in response to prompts, and print out the entire journal at the end of the course. Use your journal entries as a guide when planning your videos.

Journal Activity: In the space below, write a brief statement of your overall channel goal. For example, “I am a veterinarian with a million subscribers and I post weekly stories about the animals I meet. My channel generates $10,000 a month in income.” 

When you register for the course, this will be a required activity.

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DISCLAIMER: Viewing this content does not count toward completion of the Social Video Pro certificate. When you register, you will need to watch the videos again and complete assigned activities.