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Welcome to the Social Video Pro certificate program! The world of social media content has exploded, with thousands of content creators posting high-quality videos on profitable channels. How do they do it? And what steps can you take to become one of them? We’re glad you asked!

Becoming a social video “pro” means you learn to think about yourself as more than a content creator. You need to take on the roles and responsibilities of a producer — the person in charge of content planning and production who makes sure that content is aligned with identified market needs. That sounds like a mouthful, but in short, you need to make sure that you are creating content people want to watch, and that those people find you. When you started out, you had something to say to people. As a social video pro, your audience comes first, and your content second. It’s a new way to think, and the one that will get you to your goals most quickly.

Meet Your Faculty

Steele Filipek teaches at The New School School of Media Studies, and has been at the forefront of transmedia production since joining Starlight Runner Entertainment in 2008. As Executive Editor and Senior Writer, he has designed multi-year rollouts for franchises both large and small, analyzing and crafting story worlds that have been enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. His output for the company also includes video game scripting, book editing, social media narratives, brand analysis, game design, and demographic studies.

Vinay Chowdhry is a film and production faculty member at The New School with vast experience in documentary filmmaking, giving him a keen instinct for compelling human stories. An uncompromising cook, no distance, or weather condition, will keep him from an undiscovered culinary experience.

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