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Let’s talk about the world your content lives in. People interested in your topic have other places they interact with that subject, and with each other. You need to know where those places are, and what is happening in them. We’re talking about online platforms, sure, but there are also conferences and “cons” as well as IRL groups and societies. For example, if you are really into medieval history, you definitely want to be familiar with the Society for Creative Anachronism. Those people are your tribe. Get to know your people by being in the places where they hang out. Hear what they are talking about, what topics spark their interest. Now think about your own particular take on those topics. Your hook is what will bring audiences to you. You must find the unique element that sets you apart and identifies you within an ecosystem.

To begin with, spend some time learning who the big players are in that ecosystem, and what kind of content audiences expect. Dig deeper than the people you are already familiar with. Who else is talking about related topics? Is Star Trek your thing? You need to be checking out the various national space agencies such as NASA as well as private space programs, for example.

Journal Activity: In the space below, provide a short description (with links) of three Youtube channels that are already talking to your potential audience. What is each one’s hook?

When you register for the course, this will be a required activity.

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