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Step One: Figure Out Where You Are Going

Step One: Figure Out Where You Are Going

Let’s start by taking a step back — back from all of the videos you have already created. Back from the way you have been presenting yourself on camera. Back from the kinds of content you have produced. Now let’s talk about what you are trying to do and where you want to go. For this first step, you will start thinking more strategically about your goals and learn to make a plan. You will begin to gather materials for a production notebook and begin journaling creative ideas to help you focus your channel.

Step Two: Decide Who You Are
Step Three: Take Content Planning Seriously
Step Four: Learn to Make More Out of Less
Step Five: Put Your Audience First
Step Six: Create Revenue from Your Audience
Step Seven: Make Connecting With People a Priority
Step Eight: Learn to Set Boundaries
Step Nine: Work With Your Fans
Step Ten: Build for a Sustainable Future

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